North African Brunch: Why We Do It Better.

Who knew having brunch in Morocco could be as easy as jumping off the District line at Notting Hill?
Our re-opening has introduced a much anticipated new-comer to the Zayane menu, and it’s taking
foodies by storm. We have a range of unique, mouth-watering treats to spoil you with. Prepare for
the best not-breakfast/not- lunch you’ve ever experienced! Top-up your Oyster Card, hop on the
Green-Line, and come and experience brunch like you haven’t before at Zayane, Portobello.

Zayane Notting Hill

It’s a categorical truth that, just as all Londoners are horrid and mean commuters, they all love
brunching at the weekend. Starting at 11am, and going all the way to 5pm, Zayane presents you with
a Moroccan alternative to the traditional brunch. No where else in London will provide you with this
exclusive selection of Arabic brunches we do. We pride ourselves on being the incarnation of the
West’s influence over Arabic cuisine (or vice-versa), and our brunches express this.

Traditional brunch

Eggs are the core to any traditional brunch. At Zayane, we use exclusively Duchy Organic eggs –
reared from hens on an organic diet, at the height of welfare standards expressing our concern for
sustainable and ethical food sourced from good farming practice. Of course, the best traditional
brunches consist of eggs benedict, delicious salmon, and hearty avocados served over freshly baked
bread. If it is traditional you are after, you can find it at Zayane.
We also offer granola’s, French Toast, brioche, and smoked salmon platters to help you kick-start your day.

Arabic Twist

This is our contribution to the “brunchers” out there. We have added something new for you to try.
Our new menu is focused on Moroccan foods, brought to you in brunch style. Although we have
added a Moroccan twist to all our dishes, there are a couple of unique twists we present to you.
If you are looking to spice up your morning, try our Shakshouka. This North African addition to your
brunch palette will alter the way you wake up on Saturday morning. This vegetarian dish is
comprised of eggs slowly poached in a tomato, spiced with turmeric amongst other delicious spices.
A delicious way to enjoy a poached egg, with plenty of tasty seasoned tomato sauce to mop up with
bread after.

All our breakfasts all come with a complimentary tea or coffee to help brighten up your day.
If you want to try the Arabic twist on traditional brunches, no where does it better than Zayane.
Come and find us at 91 Golborne Road, Notting Hill and experience how North African food can
enhance your culinary experience on a Saturday morning.

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