Zayane Restaurant Moroccan Brunch

One of a Kind in London – Our New Scrumptious Brunch Dish

On March 1 st 2018, while London was snowed under, something special
descended upon my son and I whilst cooped up in Zayane’s kitchen.

Zayane Restaurant London

In our chef’s whites we stared down at it – an appetising kaleidoscope of succulent lamb, fruit,leaves and cheese with a perfectly cooked fried egg on top.

We had never seen
anything like it and I closed my eyes, imagining just how amazing it would look
on Instagram .
We tasted it… mon dieu, I said under my breath. This will do, I thought. ‘Joseph,’ I
said, turning to my son, whose expression of joy made it clear to see that he was
as impressed as I was by our little creation. I continued: ‘This dish isn’t just one
of a kind in London and Morocco…. You can’t find it anywhere in the world. It is
unique to Zayane!’ We then did a somewhat awkward mother-son high-five and
let the elation of inventing a culinary delicacy out of thin air filled our beings.
What we made that frigid, snowy day was none other than pulled, slow cooked
Moroccan-spiced lamb tossed with Moroccan tomato salsa, onions, crunchy
rocket, creamy avocado, chunks of feta cheese and pomegranate topped with an
organic fried egg and molasses. It is a hitherto unseen blend of ingredients and
the result is a light, healthy and deeply flavoursome dish perfectly suited to
brunch. Not only is it the kind of moreish dish that people will crave after a
weekend lie-in, the protein from the lamb and egg and potassium from the
avocado, not to mention the vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, and antioxidants
from the tomatoes, all combine to make an excellent hangover cure! It happens
to taste amazing with a (spicy) Bloody Mary, but if brunch is too early for a drink,

Moroccan Mint Tea

I’d recommend one of our homemade smoothies or – my personal favourite – a
pot of Moroccan mint tea.

In truth, that fateful snowy morning in which we discovered Zayane’s new
brunch dish, you could say that my son and I were trying to correct and improve
one of Morocco’s most famous breakfast dishes… and in the process make
something that was purely our own creation. The traditional and very popular
breakfast dish I’m talking about is a tagine of egg and khliaa, or lamb cooked and
preserved in its very own fat. It is an acquired taste – particularly for the British
– and something that my son and I find fairly off-putting as it is tremendously
fatty, unhealthy and way too heavy on the stomach.
Despite the khliaa dish being unappealing to British tastes, at Zayane we have a
special place in our heart for lamb.

We love it and believe this meat is an ingredient of which Moroccan cuisine makes exquisite use. As such, we wanted
to give London a lamb brunch dish that incorporated Moroccan ingredients that
the British would also enjoying eating…

We wanted to give them a brunch dish
that was as delicious as it was light and healthy. Guess what… We succeeded!
Our pulled lamb is slow cooked to maximise this meat’s health benefits and is
combined with heart-healthy super foods like avocado and pomegranate that
Moroccans eat daily, not to mention our Moroccan salsa of chopped tomatoes,
onions, cucumber, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is a dish that will satisfy

you on every level – its colours will hypnotise you while its delicious aroma and
flavour will seduce you and keep you coming back for more.

Our scrumptious new brunch dish is truly one of a kind and something of which
my son and I very proud.

We’d love to know if you are as impressed by it as we
are… so get over here, try it and let us know!
Hope to serve you a plate one weekend very soon.

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