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Your Perfect Private Party

The answer to the questions ‘what is the perfect private party?’ is a bit like the one elicited by asking ‘what is the best dish in Moroccan cuisine?’ – a highly subjective and personal one. This doesn’t necessarily make life easier for the professional party planner! But easy is boring and lets one’s imagination and […]

Recipe: Chicken (Tagine) Day

When I was a child, ‘chicken day’ was a most special day. It meant that my whole family – 2 adults and 6 children – would feast on a fragrant chicken tagine. We would devour it with utter delight, licking our fingers at the end so as not to miss out on even a microscopic […]

Private Parties Guaranteed to Shine Like a Moroccan Star

A Moroccan party is a feast for the senses. Eyes take in the vivid colours of the decorations. The drone of music, dancing and laughter titillate the ears. Your body buzzes and tingles from the party’s magical vibe.  The aroma of fragrant traditional cuisine flirts with your olfactory – the flavour transports your palate to […]

Moroccan Mum’s Comfort Food is… Spicy!

  Olive Magazine said that Zayane’s food was ‘delicate, precise and imaginative’. Big Hospitality called our menu ‘sophisticated’ and that it ultilised ‘modern culinary techniques’ and had ‘European influences’. All very swanky and maybe what earned us a spot in the 2017 and 2018 Michelin Guide! While all this high praise is rather flattering, we’d […]

Enjoy Aromatic Aphrodisiacs All Year Round at Zayane

Are you familiar with Love Potions? Everyone has heard of them – but have you tried one before? At Zayane, we have collected secret recipes from Morocco to bring you a seductive selection of delicious dishes. Our exclusive Valentine’s Day menu brought love-birds from all over London a curation of delicacies from our home in […]

Spice Things Up With Zayane This Valentine’s Day

They tried to say Romance is dead – we humbly disagree. Zayane has introduced a new menu for all the love birds out there. We know the 14th of February marks an important date in couples’ diaries, so we have made sure to cater for it. Our special Valentine’s menu sports a 3-course-meal and complimentary […]

North African Brunch: Why We Do It Better.

Who knew having brunch in Morocco could be as easy as jumping off the District line at Notting Hill? Our re-opening has introduced a much anticipated new-comer to the Zayane menu, and it’s taking foodies by storm. We have a range of unique, mouth-watering treats to spoil you with. Prepare for the best not-breakfast/not- lunch […]