Moroccan cuisine Recipes from Zayane Restaurant London

Recipe: Chicken (Tagine) Day

When I was a child, ‘chicken day’ was a most special day. It meant that my whole family – 2 adults and 6 children – would feast on a fragrant chicken tagine.

We would devour it with utter delight, licking our fingers at the end so as not to miss out on even a microscopic bit of the goodness. The tagine – along with the side dishes and freshly made Moroccan ‘focaccia-style’ bread – made us one big, happy and smiling family… though not without a bit of Moroccan-spiced chicken jus smattered across our satisfied lips.


‘Chicken day’ wasn’t just about the meal – it was about the journey from live chicken to scrumptious chicken tagine.

Zayane’s Recipe for Moroccan Chicken Tagine 2

Unlike in Britain, if you want to eat chicken in Morocco, you don’t buy it at the supermarket.

You don’t even meander down to your local butcher. This would be tantamount to Moroccan culinary heresy. Back home we need to know the origin of our chicken along with a guarantee that it is fresh. There’s an obvious way of securing these vital assurances and while it is a rather messy process, it nonetheless was as essential a feature of ‘chicken day’ as any other.


When I was a young girl, ‘chicken day’ began with my mother and I walking down to the souk to choose a nice red organic chicken. That’s right, a living and breathing one. When we arrived back home, my mum would place the red hen in a large pot and kill it. It isn’t the most pleasant thing to witness or perform, but it is an experience that reminds one that meat just doesn’t grow on trees and that every piece of meat you savour comes from a living creature with its own life and history.


Once dead, we would place the chicken in boiling water to make the plucking process easier. We would then diligently pluck all the feathers, but despite our best efforts, there would always remain fine hairs on the chicken. These are not worth the trouble to pluck so instead they were singed over an open flame on the hob. It was tedious work but a job that we approached meticulously as even a single bit of fluff left on the chicken would risk ruining the delicious, sumptuous tagine (and its flavoursome skin) that was to come.  Once fully defeathered, mum would thoroughly wash the chicken with salt, remove (and save) the giblets et voila…  it would be ready for marinating!

Zayane’s Recipe for Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Before cooking our fresh, organic chicken, we would rub it with finely chopped garlic, lemon juice, ginger, saffron, cumin, mustard powder and salt and pepper.

We would let it sit for a couple hours in the fridge before cooking it in the tagine with plenty of olives and – most importantly – preserved lemons. For a final touch, the giblets are added at the very end so they wouldn’t disintegrate. Shortly thereafter, my family and I would be pulled into the dinning room by the chicken’s unmistakable fragrance and we would be met with a huge steaming tagine in the middle of the table surrounded by a range of refreshing and tasty Moroccan salads and plenty of bread with which to mop up any left-over tagine sauce.


Joe and I would like to share with you our family’s take on the traditional Moroccan chicken tagine. For our recipe, we invite you to click here:


Zayane’s Recipe for Moroccan Chicken Tagine



  • 1 whole chicken 
  • 2 medium onions finely chopped 
  • garlic as desired finely chopped 
  • 1 bunch of parsley and coriander finely chopped
  • lemon juice as desired
  • 1 tbsp freshly ginger grated
  • saffron (put in hot water before use) or
  • turmeric if saffron is not available 
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1 tbsp mustard powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 preserved lemons (use skin only)
  • olives red or green as desired
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil


  1. Before cooking, marinate chicken in the spices and garlic for at least 2 hours in the fridge.
  2. Place onions, chicken, marinade juices and herbs in the tagine (or pan) and add olives, preserved lemons and 1 cup of water.
  3. Cook on low heat for one hour.



Innovating Tradition with Tradition– Zayane’s Bakoula Briwats

At Zayane my son Joe and I have a dish that isn’t just a culinary innovation, it
challenges the innovation process. On the one hand it goes far beyond merely
reinvigorating an originally Moroccan concept with European ingredients that
are passed through the prism of modern preparation and presentation. On the
other hand, one might argue that our tasty dish is forged in a far more humble
hue of originality and creativity.

It is a dish comprised of two measures of
traditional Moroccan cookery, and a modest measure of imagination.

Our dish
goes by the double-barrel Bakoula Briwats: two words that will be instantly
recognisable to Moroccan culinary savants, which often belong together in the
same Moroccan meal or even on the same dinner table. But it is only at Zayane
where these staples of Moroccan cuisine are fused together into one delectable

The first element is bakoula – a dish that is adored throughout Morocco.

It is awarm salad made from mallow, preserved lemons, olives, garlic, herbs and – for
those who like a spicy kick – roasted or fresh chilli. This tasty and healthy dish is
eaten with Moroccan semolina bread. When in season, mallow is Morocco’s
favourite leafy green, which we buy in bunches in the souks, or harvest wherever
the delicious edible weed grows. As mallow is hard to come by in Britain, our
bakoula at Zayane incorporates a mixture of kale and spinach that gives this
salad a remarkably similar taste and texture to the original version. It can be
enjoyed as a light and healthy snack, starter or side dish.

The second character in this gastronomic marriage is a briwat, a stuffed
triangular parcel made from Moroccan warka filo pastry that can be savoury or

The most commonly enjoyed briwats are the sweet variety made with an
irresistible almond filling. Back home we eat almond briwats with Moroccan
mint tea as an afternoon ‘pick-me- up’ or as a special dessert. At Zayane, Joe and I
offer hungry guests a delectable range of savoury briwats, including duck, king
prawn and Camembert, as well as our tempting hazelnut, cheesecake and
chocolate briwats for dessert.

So how do Joe and I combine these two authentic dishes that have long been
enjoyed on their own, without being infused into one another?

Why would we
risk upsetting the culinary equilibrium – and offending Moroccan foodie
traditionalists – by doing so? At Zayane we are always exploring new flavours
and combinations and are particularly excited when our experiments result in
food that is as delicious as it is healthy. The first time we placed a generous
spoonful of bakoula salad into a triangle of warka pastry, the resulting briwats
were a burst of scrumptious vegetarian goodness. We threw tradition to the
wind and innovated with our eyes and imaginations firmly fixed on some of
Moroccan cuisine’s most humble dishes.
We’d like to welcome you to Zayane to try our spectacular Kale and Spinach
Briwats (Bakoula Briwats) – but if you prefer to try this Zayane innovation in
your own kitchen, click here for the recipe!

Recipe for Kale and Spinach Briwats

 1 kg kale (chop if large and discard large stalks)
 1 kg spinach
 2 preserved lemons (large), skin only, finely chopped
 1 handful kalamata olives, chopped
 1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped
 1 bunch of coriander, finely chopped
 5 cloves of garlic finely sliced
 ½ cup olive oil
 1 tbsp sweet paprika
 1 tbsp cumin
 2 tbsp lemon juice
 1 tbsp harissa sauce (optional)
 spring roll pastry
 1 beaten egg
1. Heat olive oil in a large deep pan, add spices.
2. Let them sizzle for 2 min then add garlic. Cook garlic but do not let it
3. Add all other ingredients but the spinach.
4. Stir with a wooden spoon until kale is cooked.
5. Add spinach and cook until wilted.
6. Put in colander to cool down and also get rid of excess liquids.
7. Take one spring roll sheet and cover the rest with a damp cloth. Cut into
three rectangles. Use one at the time and cover the other two as they dry
8. Put one tbsp of the kale and spinach mixture in one corner of the pastry
and fold the pastry over it (to make a triangle) keep rolling and tucking
and then glue the end with the egg wash. You will end up with a samosa
shape. You could also shape it as a spring roll.
9. Deep fry until golden brown or bake in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 5-
10 minutes.

One of a Kind in London – Our New Scrumptious Brunch Dish

On March 1 st 2018, while London was snowed under, something special
descended upon my son and I whilst cooped up in Zayane’s kitchen.

Zayane Restaurant London

In our chef’s whites we stared down at it – an appetising kaleidoscope of succulent lamb, fruit,leaves and cheese with a perfectly cooked fried egg on top.

We had never seen
anything like it and I closed my eyes, imagining just how amazing it would look
on Instagram .
We tasted it… mon dieu, I said under my breath. This will do, I thought. ‘Joseph,’ I
said, turning to my son, whose expression of joy made it clear to see that he was
as impressed as I was by our little creation. I continued: ‘This dish isn’t just one
of a kind in London and Morocco…. You can’t find it anywhere in the world. It is
unique to Zayane!’ We then did a somewhat awkward mother-son high-five and
let the elation of inventing a culinary delicacy out of thin air filled our beings.
What we made that frigid, snowy day was none other than pulled, slow cooked
Moroccan-spiced lamb tossed with Moroccan tomato salsa, onions, crunchy
rocket, creamy avocado, chunks of feta cheese and pomegranate topped with an
organic fried egg and molasses. It is a hitherto unseen blend of ingredients and
the result is a light, healthy and deeply flavoursome dish perfectly suited to
brunch. Not only is it the kind of moreish dish that people will crave after a
weekend lie-in, the protein from the lamb and egg and potassium from the
avocado, not to mention the vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, and antioxidants
from the tomatoes, all combine to make an excellent hangover cure! It happens
to taste amazing with a (spicy) Bloody Mary, but if brunch is too early for a drink,

Moroccan Mint Tea

I’d recommend one of our homemade smoothies or – my personal favourite – a
pot of Moroccan mint tea.

In truth, that fateful snowy morning in which we discovered Zayane’s new
brunch dish, you could say that my son and I were trying to correct and improve
one of Morocco’s most famous breakfast dishes… and in the process make
something that was purely our own creation. The traditional and very popular
breakfast dish I’m talking about is a tagine of egg and khliaa, or lamb cooked and
preserved in its very own fat. It is an acquired taste – particularly for the British
– and something that my son and I find fairly off-putting as it is tremendously
fatty, unhealthy and way too heavy on the stomach.
Despite the khliaa dish being unappealing to British tastes, at Zayane we have a
special place in our heart for lamb.

We love it and believe this meat is an ingredient of which Moroccan cuisine makes exquisite use. As such, we wanted
to give London a lamb brunch dish that incorporated Moroccan ingredients that
the British would also enjoying eating…

We wanted to give them a brunch dish
that was as delicious as it was light and healthy. Guess what… We succeeded!
Our pulled lamb is slow cooked to maximise this meat’s health benefits and is
combined with heart-healthy super foods like avocado and pomegranate that
Moroccans eat daily, not to mention our Moroccan salsa of chopped tomatoes,
onions, cucumber, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is a dish that will satisfy

you on every level – its colours will hypnotise you while its delicious aroma and
flavour will seduce you and keep you coming back for more.

Our scrumptious new brunch dish is truly one of a kind and something of which
my son and I very proud.

We’d love to know if you are as impressed by it as we
are… so get over here, try it and let us know!
Hope to serve you a plate one weekend very soon.

Private Parties Guaranteed to Shine Like a Moroccan Star

A Moroccan party is a feast for the senses. Eyes take in the vivid colours of the decorations. The drone of music, dancing and laughter titillate the ears. Your body buzzes and tingles from the party’s magical vibe.  The aroma of fragrant traditional cuisine flirts with your olfactory – the flavour transports your palate to the stars.

 A Moroccan party is as extravagant as it is entertaining,

but if you aren’t going to Morocco any time soon or if you don’t anticipate any Marrakech-postmarked invitations coming your way, you may be in luck. Not only does Notting Hill’s Zayane offer the best Moroccan food in London, we also host and cater for Moroccan-style private events and parties.

Guests enjoy the delectable Moroccan cuisine that has earned us a place in the Michelin Guide for 2017 and 2018. Our food is authentic with a modern twist, and the flavours are amazing. Party guests can enjoy our slow-cooked tagines, couscous, a range of Moroccan canapés and much, much more. Our menu offers scrumptious seafood dishes – like melt-in-your-mouth scallops and Moroccan-style sea bass.

Zayane is the ideal place for vegetarian and vegans who refuse to compromise on flavour with exquisite dishes like our sweet potato tagine.

By default, all meat served at Zayane is halal and we will be delighted to accommodate any and all dietary requirements a guest or client may have. We offer both buffet and sit-down service.


Our wine list– filled with French, Italian and Moroccan bottles – is completely open for private parties.

Of course – if there is a special requirement or particular wine desired, we can source it through our fine wine suppliers. If your party’s thirst goes beyond wine, our resident mixologist can tailor-make your party a show-stopping cocktail – or mocktail – menu. At Zayane we never disappoint and we are happy for your party to be a wild or tame as you would like!  Dance the night away with wine and/or cocktail in hand or have an evening filled with tasty treats over civilised conversation with old friends. Either way, Zayane will do everything possible to guarantee you and your guests an absolutely brilliant time.


While we fully support any excuse to have a party – particularly a Moroccan one – Zayane is ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, baby-showers and anniversaries.

If there’s something worth celebrating (even just life!) we’d be only too delighted to be the one to make sure your party is flawless and enjoyable for all. If nothing else, at Zayane we are supremely accommodating and can provide for a range of needs and budgets.


Impress your guests with waves of colour, aroma and flavour – give them an event that will be both memorable and unique. Put your party in Zayane’s expert and knowing hands and we will guarantee to make it sparkle.


















Moroccan Mum’s Comfort Food is… Spicy!


Olive Magazine said that Zayane’s food was ‘delicate, precise and imaginative’.

Big Hospitality called our menu ‘sophisticated’ and that it ultilised ‘modern culinary techniques’ and had ‘European influences’. All very swanky and maybe what earned us a spot in the 2017 and 2018 Michelin Guide! While all this high praise is rather flattering, we’d like to show off Zayane’s homelier side –after all, my restaurant is simply myself, Meryem, in the kitchen with my son cooking the healthy, delicious and warming cuisine from my homeland.


Sure, I do understand what the critics see, as Zayane’s food looks beautiful and tastes amazing – two clear signs of a top London restaurant. Despite this, I have always viewed our guests as coming into my own kitchen where they can relax and recharge through a comforting and restorative Moroccan meal. At Zayane we have a notable advantage over a quaint little country pub with a fireplace… Our cosy and warming food is bursting with layers of flavour from our authentic Moroccan spices. If you are slightly unwell, our food will pick you up and make you feel like yourself again – particularly when paired with some reinvigorating Moroccan mint tea. If you are looking for a delicious treat to perk you up during the dark and cold London winter, our menu will offer you comfort and flavour that you simply won’t get anywhere else in London, all brought together by a loving cuddle of spice.


The following three dishes are some of my favourites for experiencing comfort food à la marocaine. They are fabulous, profoundly tasty and will allow you to view even the dreariest of grey London days with rose-tinted glasses!


Harira Soup


If ever there were a dish that flaunted Moroccan cuisine as a heavyweight contender in the world of comfort food, it is our national dish, Harira soup. My version is 100% vegetarian and combines tomatoes, lentils and chickpeas with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and coriander that results in light and satisfying soup that will warm you down to your soul.


Chicken Pastilla

By breaking your fork through the crispy Phyllo crust of this Zayane classic, pleasingly sweet notes of ginger and cinnamon will float up to your nose. When you bring the first saffron-infused morsel to your lips, it will simply melt in your mouth! A Pastilla is a Moroccan sweet and savory pie – nothing fancy about it… it’s just really delicious and utterly cosy.


Honey & Balsamic Glazed Lamb Shank Tagine

By lifting the lid of a tagine, you – the diner – are inundated by what makes Moroccan cuisine delicious, special and supremely comforting. Fragrant steam escapes, letting you breath in the most delectable of aromas. Now that the dish has your full attention, you immerse yourself a delicately spiced, slow-cooked lamb shank that is so tender it is falling off the bone. The more you eat, the happier you get, and the freezing winter day fades away into oblivion.


Don’t be fooled by our beautiful plates of food or the high praise we’ve enjoyed from both critic and customer, alike. Zayane’s food is ‘mama’s’ Moroccan food and my restaurant is the ideal place in London for a meal whenever you crave something delicious and comforting… with a bit of spice, of course!












Enjoy Aromatic Aphrodisiacs All Year Round at Zayane

Are you familiar with Love Potions? Everyone has heard of them – but have you tried one before?

At Zayane, we have collected secret recipes from Morocco to bring you a seductive selection of delicious dishes. Our exclusive Valentine’s Day menu brought love-birds from all over London a curation of delicacies from our home in Morocco to make their Valentine’s Day extra special. But don’t worry if you missed out, we are a romantic destination all year round. Moroccan food is full of aphrodisiacs and we have selected three of our favourite secretly romantic dishes to indulge in with your partner – anytime. Strap in and prepare to learn about three spices that turn our dishes from a delicious dinner into a romantic experience.


The scent of cinnamon has a long tradition and ancient lore of being used as an aphrodisiac. In the Bible it was used alongside myrrh and aloe to “perfume beds” for lovers and the Queen of Sheba used cinnamon to seduce King Solomon. In more recent times, cinnamon has been proven by neurologists and scientists as having an arousing effect on men.

If you want to join Queen Sheba and seduce your very own King Solomon – come and try our Cinnamon Sweet Potato tagine – a delicious vegetarian dish bursting with flavour. Order this aromatic dish on the side of your main to add a little love to your evening.

Zayane Restaurant London


Cardamom is originally an indigenous South Indian and Sri Lankan aromatic spice belonging to the ginger family – yet it makes appearances in many cultures history all around the world. Mystics would use cardamom to cast love spells, the Ancient Greeks recognised its uses as an aphrodisiac by concocting love potions, and even in the animal kingdom – males of several species are titillated simply by the scent. While we can’t sell you a guaranteed love potion – we do have our own way of getting spicy.

Our exquisite lamb tagine is an explosive cardibomb of romantic fragrances. Bite into an aromatic succulent lamb as a main dish with our modern take on this traditional Moroccan recipe and indulge in a jungle of arousing and aromatic aphrodisiacs.

Well, maybe we do sell love potions after all…


Ginger is a historically renowned aphrodisiac. It is so potent that it is still used in India as a cure for impotency. Its invigorating scent, sharp flavour and medicinal qualities make it the perfect candidate for romantic evening’s dinner.

If you want to indulge in the Aphrodite of aphrodisiacs, then head down to Zayane and enjoy a King Prawn Briwat. Bite into the crispy exterior to be met with succulent prawns seasoned in Moroccan spices and enjoy a balance of sweet and sour tastes in your mouth.

No one wants to miss Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry – it’s fine. You have all year to make it up. Jump on the District Line to Notting Hill and take a wander around this historical part of London before entering Zayane for an aromatic feast. Just by opening the door you will experience the aromatic spices bursting from our kitchen.

Just by walking through the door we hope to have seduced you. We leave the rest to you.

Spice Things Up With Zayane This Valentine’s Day

They tried to say Romance is dead – we humbly disagree. Zayane has introduced a new menu for all the love birds out there. We know the 14th of February marks an important date in couples’ diaries, so we have made sure to cater for it. Our special Valentine’s menu sports a 3-course-meal and complimentary glass of wine for only £25 per person. Take the evening off, unwind, and treat your loved one to a romantic night out in the heart of London’s Notting Hill.

Start Your Evening with Moroccan Delicacies

Our Valentine’s Menu comes with more than enough to begin an evening of romance. Kick off your amorous journey with a selection of Briwats, a delicious variety of luxurious Moroccan “samosas”, with a choice of vegetarian, fish, or meat. This titillating starter will be enough to get the fire-started. With that, let’s move into the main course.

The Main Event

Now that the appetisers are over, and your engine is running, it’s time for the main course.  The first choice is a sensational roast seabream seasoned with exclusive North African herbs and adorned by our Valentine’s Day special lobster sauce. Treat your senses to this Moroccan delicacy served with fragrant vegetable casserole on the side. Or indulge in the taste of a vegetarian couscous, which if you chose, can be turned into a meaty-main by adding in some scrumptious traditionally-spiced lamb.

Dessert from The Desert

It is time for your sweet tooth to take control as we arrive at the end of the menu. Order in a slice of delicious, chocolate delice that will send your senses wild and keep your taste buds guessing as you bite into this chocolatey delight. This dessert is complemented by a Moroccan twist on the exquisite rose crème-fraiche which will tantalise your taste buds. End your night with this delectable chocolate delice and crème fresh to help cool things down before you get home, where we are sure you will spice things up… #cheeky

Our exquisite Valentine’s Day Menu is available on the evening of the 14th of February – that’s it! Don’t be shy – avoid disappointment by taking advantage of this fabulous romantic feast. To book, click here  or ring us on (020) 89601137 to secure a place at our restaurant to ensure a delightful Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

North African Brunch: Why We Do It Better.

Who knew having brunch in Morocco could be as easy as jumping off the District line at Notting Hill?
Our re-opening has introduced a much anticipated new-comer to the Zayane menu, and it’s taking
foodies by storm. We have a range of unique, mouth-watering treats to spoil you with. Prepare for
the best not-breakfast/not- lunch you’ve ever experienced! Top-up your Oyster Card, hop on the
Green-Line, and come and experience brunch like you haven’t before at Zayane, Portobello.

Zayane Notting Hill

It’s a categorical truth that, just as all Londoners are horrid and mean commuters, they all love
brunching at the weekend. Starting at 11am, and going all the way to 5pm, Zayane presents you with
a Moroccan alternative to the traditional brunch. No where else in London will provide you with this
exclusive selection of Arabic brunches we do. We pride ourselves on being the incarnation of the
West’s influence over Arabic cuisine (or vice-versa), and our brunches express this.

Traditional brunch

Eggs are the core to any traditional brunch. At Zayane, we use exclusively Duchy Organic eggs –
reared from hens on an organic diet, at the height of welfare standards expressing our concern for
sustainable and ethical food sourced from good farming practice. Of course, the best traditional
brunches consist of eggs benedict, delicious salmon, and hearty avocados served over freshly baked
bread. If it is traditional you are after, you can find it at Zayane.
We also offer granola’s, French Toast, brioche, and smoked salmon platters to help you kick-start your day.

Arabic Twist

This is our contribution to the “brunchers” out there. We have added something new for you to try.
Our new menu is focused on Moroccan foods, brought to you in brunch style. Although we have
added a Moroccan twist to all our dishes, there are a couple of unique twists we present to you.
If you are looking to spice up your morning, try our Shakshouka. This North African addition to your
brunch palette will alter the way you wake up on Saturday morning. This vegetarian dish is
comprised of eggs slowly poached in a tomato, spiced with turmeric amongst other delicious spices.
A delicious way to enjoy a poached egg, with plenty of tasty seasoned tomato sauce to mop up with
bread after.

All our breakfasts all come with a complimentary tea or coffee to help brighten up your day.
If you want to try the Arabic twist on traditional brunches, no where does it better than Zayane.
Come and find us at 91 Golborne Road, Notting Hill and experience how North African food can
enhance your culinary experience on a Saturday morning.

The Art of Moroccan Mint Tea

Are you a mint tea lover? If so, how much do you really know about it? Such a simple combination of ingredients has created a symphony of flavours and aromas that not only has a long history, but offers lots of health benefits too!  Whether you are a regular mint tea drinker or not, this article will give you a reason to incorporate it in your everyday life!

Moroccan mint tea cannot be compared to earl grey or English breakfast, simply because there is so much more to it than its taste. Moroccans embraced tea drinking as part of their culture somewhere between the 12th and 18th century, however historians cannot be sure of the exact century. Mint tea has been the centre of Morocco’s social life ever since. Even though women were always in charge of the kitchen and all food preparations, the head male of the family is the one who prepares and serves the tea. The serving of mint tea to the guests always happens in a ceremonial form and is considered as a sign of hospitality and friendship. Refusing the mint tea offered to you would be perceived as impolite.  Mint tea is also a vital part in all business transactions, ceremonies or celebrations in Morocco and is often referred to as ““Whiskey Berbère” (Berber whiskey).


Morocco’s national drink is fairly easy to prepare but hard to serve.  It only takes green tea, fresh mint leaves, sugar and boiling water to make it. When it comes to serving it, things get more complicated. Mint tea must be poured into the glasses from high above. This serving method aerates the tea, enhances the mint flavour and helps loose tea leaves swirl to the bottom of the glass. It is also considered as a way of showing respect to the guests.


Apart from the amazing aroma and great taste of it, mint tea offers multiple health benefits too! It is a powerful antioxidant, can relieve symptoms of indigestion and congestion and has calming properties.  It can also help clear up skin disorders, relieve minor aches and pains and contains lots of vitamins and minerals.


Moroccan mint tea is an authentic recipe that has survived throughout many centuries and is a delight for anyone who’s tried it. Its minty-sweet taste, deep scent, dark golden colour and its long history are just some of the elements that make it unique. Luckily for you, we understand that sometimes you need to just make tea at the comfort of your own home so we are sharing Zayane’s authentic Moroccan mint tea recipe below! Best part is you can enjoy it with some of our traditional Moroccan biscuits



Moroccan Mint Tea – serves 4


10 fresh mint sprigs, plus 4 for garnish

3 teaspoons green tea

3 tablespoons sugar

4 cups water


Boil 4 cups of water and pour a small amount of it in a teapot. Swish around to warm the pot. Combine the mint, green tea and sugar in the teapot, then fill it with the rest of the hot water. Let the tea brew, stirring the leaves occasionally, for 3 minutes.


Don’t forget, that the hard part is serving the tea, so make sure to try pouring it in the glasses from high above a couple of times before inviting your friends over!