A refreshing fruity sip of Morocco – Zayane’s new summer drinks menu

There’s a rhythm and a melody to a fantastic meal – and like any great piece of music it must begin and end in the correct fashion to unveil its lyricism fully and properly.

A refreshing fruity sip of Morocco – Zayane’s new summer drinks menu

With this in mind – not to mention the brilliant weather we’ve been having – Joe and I have decided to concentrate on an important, if more esoteric, part of our Zayane dining experience: the drinks menu. Too often cocktails at fine dining restaurants play second fiddle to the food, which shows in the insipid potables that result. At Zayane we want to offer our guests a genuinely exquisite cocktail and/or mocktail that exudes as much flair and creativity as our food. Beyond this, we want our seasonal drinks menu to evoke Morocco, which we are doing by paying homage to the utterly fabulous fresh fruit of my homeland by adding a fruity twist to some classic and cherished cocktails.


If you drink alcohol, the absolute best way to fully appreciate th
e Zayane experience is with one of our signature aperitif cocktails (if you don’t drink, we’ll get to our refreshing and delightful mocktails in a moment!).


ruity sip of Morocco – Zayane’s new summer drinks menu

Let’s start with the Zayane Signature G&T, based on the cool and crisp cocktail that defines the British summer for many of us. Our rendition is lifted to a more Moroccan dimension through pear and crushed ginger, and tastes amazing alongside our trio of smoked aubergine, olive tapenade and humus dips. For those who’d like to taste the most of Moroccan fruit, I’d recommend Summer Berries – an ultra sophisticated vodka tonic enhanced with muddled fresh mixed berries. Lastly, any conversation about Moroccan fruit must include watermelon, which is one of our favourite national ingredients when it’s in season. We’ve used this delectable fruit to spice up a traditional margarita for a gorgeous and lush cocktail that will delight your palate and get you in the mood for the delicious Moroccan feast that is to come.

If our cocktails are ‘Moroccan-inspired’, the truth is our mocktails are simply ‘Moroccan’. Blended, non-alcoholic fruit and veg beverages are almost as much a part of the Moroccan summer as couscous. As we have an abundance of beautiful fruit in Morocco, not only do we excel at fruit juices and mocktails, we drink a lot of them to cool off when it’s particularly hot. Something we Moroccans absolutely adore is milk infused with almonds and rose water – this isn’t on the menu, but if you ask nicely I might make you some! My favourite mocktail on Zayane’s new drink list is our Virgin Watermelon Margarita – it is so fresh and beautiful and I am grateful that that it is alcohol-free as I am prone to drinking several in one sitting during a hot summer Moroccan meal! This mocktail – as with all of them – can be enjoyed as an aperitif but is also delightful with food. Our other refreshing and yummy mocktails include Green (celery, cucumber, apple and spinach), Red (red mixed berries) and Yellow (pineapple and lime). They are all freshly blended to order.


Next time you’re at Zayane, ask me about our new cocktails and mocktails, and it will be my pleasure to walk you through our selection to help you begin – and sustain – your exquisite feast with the ‘music’ that will make your taste buds sing and your palate dance.


See you soon!


Meryem and Joe