Zayane Gives Back Through the Magic of Fresh and Healthy Food

When we first opened Zayane 3 years ago, we did so with the expressed desire of
wanting to be a contributing member of the local Notting Hill community. Of
course, the foodies among us might suggest that we did that the moment in
which we began cooking gourmet, authentic Moroccan food with a modern twist.
While I certainly like that thought, the truth is that if we were to lean merely on
that significant aspect of Zayane, we’d be prioritising exclusivity over inclusivity.

Zayane Gives Back

For instance, not everyone can afford to go out for a meal at a restaurant like
Zayane, high value for money though our prices certainly are. Beyond that, not
everyone likes Moroccan food (no matter how delicious it may be!) and some
people don’t even enjoy going out for a meal.

At Zayane we wanted to cast our net as far and wide as possible to get to know as many people in the community
as possible – not just our happy, well-fed customers.

The way we began doing
this came from an idea that sprouted from my son and co-Executive Head Chef
Joe’s beautiful mind: Zayane’s Junior Chefs School.

When Joe was seven years old I had the idea of one day teaching children how to
cook, but crucially the importance of enjoying fruit and vegetables for one’s
health. The idea was inspired by Joe’s favourite childhood activity – a Saturday
junior chef course he took at the University of West London. He loved it so much
that he decided to go back when he was 18 to follow his dream of becoming a
chef. Upon opening Zayane, Joe told me he wanted to share a similar experience
with the children of Notting Hill.

The Zayane Junior Chefs School not only teaches
children how to cook, but as we work with kids who suffer from a range of
eating-related mental health issues who are patients at Chelsea Hospital, it is
also part of their treatment to help acquire a healthy and positive relationship
with food.

For the past 3 years our children have come to Zayane each week for
an hour-long cooking class where we prepare and eat a healthy dish. We make it
as fun as possible and they absolutely love it. The children come with their
therapists and Joe, who is a real sensitive soul, is absolutely brilliant with the
young ones. The dishes the children most enjoy cooking are popcorn chicken and

We tend not to cook Moroccan food with the young ones as children tend to be
fussy eaters – so we teach them how to make dishes like homemade fish fingers,
pasta, risotto and biscuits.

Truth be told, while our children love Zayane’s Junior
Chef’s School, overcoming an eating disorder is a tall order. But we are proud,
happy and grateful to have the opportunity to provide a small aspect of these
beautiful children’s treatment through the magic of fresh and healthy food. The
vast majority enjoy eating the dishes they cook at Zayane, some even bring their
newly-found skills home to cook for their families!
An idea we are toying with is doing a charity fundraiser with our Junior Chefs
preparing a delicious meal Watch this space!

Private Parties Guaranteed to Shine Like a Moroccan Star

A Moroccan party is a feast for the senses. Eyes take in the vivid colours of the decorations. The drone of music, dancing and laughter titillate the ears. Your body buzzes and tingles from the party’s magical vibe.  The aroma of fragrant traditional cuisine flirts with your olfactory – the flavour transports your palate to the stars.

 A Moroccan party is as extravagant as it is entertaining,

but if you aren’t going to Morocco any time soon or if you don’t anticipate any Marrakech-postmarked invitations coming your way, you may be in luck. Not only does Notting Hill’s Zayane offer the best Moroccan food in London, we also host and cater for Moroccan-style private events and parties.

Guests enjoy the delectable Moroccan cuisine that has earned us a place in the Michelin Guide for 2017 and 2018. Our food is authentic with a modern twist, and the flavours are amazing. Party guests can enjoy our slow-cooked tagines, couscous, a range of Moroccan canapés and much, much more. Our menu offers scrumptious seafood dishes – like melt-in-your-mouth scallops and Moroccan-style sea bass.

Zayane is the ideal place for vegetarian and vegans who refuse to compromise on flavour with exquisite dishes like our sweet potato tagine.

By default, all meat served at Zayane is halal and we will be delighted to accommodate any and all dietary requirements a guest or client may have. We offer both buffet and sit-down service.


Our wine list– filled with French, Italian and Moroccan bottles – is completely open for private parties.

Of course – if there is a special requirement or particular wine desired, we can source it through our fine wine suppliers. If your party’s thirst goes beyond wine, our resident mixologist can tailor-make your party a show-stopping cocktail – or mocktail – menu. At Zayane we never disappoint and we are happy for your party to be a wild or tame as you would like!  Dance the night away with wine and/or cocktail in hand or have an evening filled with tasty treats over civilised conversation with old friends. Either way, Zayane will do everything possible to guarantee you and your guests an absolutely brilliant time.


While we fully support any excuse to have a party – particularly a Moroccan one – Zayane is ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, baby-showers and anniversaries.

If there’s something worth celebrating (even just life!) we’d be only too delighted to be the one to make sure your party is flawless and enjoyable for all. If nothing else, at Zayane we are supremely accommodating and can provide for a range of needs and budgets.


Impress your guests with waves of colour, aroma and flavour – give them an event that will be both memorable and unique. Put your party in Zayane’s expert and knowing hands and we will guarantee to make it sparkle.


















Our New Low-Sugar Cocktails!

When it comes to getting healthy, we all have that one thing we find especially difficult to cut out or cut back on. For some it is bread, for others processed food – but one of ours will always be sugar. This is often because sugar is one of those sneaky ingredients which sneaks into food without you noticing it – from allegedly “healthy” breakfast cereals to burgers, sugar is everywhere. So, we have decided to help you out here at Zayane, by introducing our new range of low-sugar cocktails.

The Zayane

Iced Green Tea scented with Jasmine & Mint, Orange Blossom and Sparkling White Wine

This light, fresh cocktail is full of aromatic flavours and, as a result, goes perfectly with our Chicken Pastilla and Roast Almonds Starter, so why not pair them together for a truly refreshing experience?

chicken pastilla

Ginger Elixir

Gin, Ginger, Lemon juice and Honey

The perfect pick-me-up for a cold London day, this truly is an Elixir. Enjoy with our starter of Fried squid with chilli and fresh herbs for a pairing which is sure to wake up your tastebuds.

No. 2

Scotch, Grapefruit, Pomegranate juice, a dash of Orange Bitters, Orange peel

Beef and scotch is a classic combination, so we recommend pairing our Number 2 cocktail with our spiced fillet of Beef with wilted spinach and prunes. The sweet fruits complement each other and the whiskey marrying beautifully with the spices on the meat.

Low-sugar cocktail, orange

No. 3

Rum, Kale, Iced Pineapple

Matching this cocktail to our Sweet Potato tagine with carrots, shallots, red pepper, tomatoes, prunes is a deceptively delicious combination, considering how nutritious it is!

No. 4

Vodka, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, Agave nectar and fresh Tarragon

Russian vodka and seafood are a match made in heaven, so we recommend enjoying a Number 4 with our Fish of the day Tagine, with Moroccan ratatouille and Red Charmoula, the freshness of the pineapple and the lime, cutting through the rich spice of the chermoula marinade.

No. 5

Vodka, Celery, Cucumber, Lettuce, Lemon, Ginger, Apple juice

The clean, fresh flavours of the Number 5 make it a perfect pairing for our sautéed King Prawns starter with garlic and chilli. So vibrant, it almost tastes like Spring!

Which of our low-sugar cocktails would YOU go for? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!