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Enjoy Aromatic Aphrodisiacs All Year Round at Zayane

Are you familiar with Love Potions? Everyone has heard of them – but have you tried one before?

At Zayane, we have collected secret recipes from Morocco to bring you a seductive selection of delicious dishes. Our exclusive Valentine’s Day menu brought love-birds from all over London a curation of delicacies from our home in Morocco to make their Valentine’s Day extra special. But don’t worry if you missed out, we are a romantic destination all year round. Moroccan food is full of aphrodisiacs and we have selected three of our favourite secretly romantic dishes to indulge in with your partner – anytime. Strap in and prepare to learn about three spices that turn our dishes from a delicious dinner into a romantic experience.


The scent of cinnamon has a long tradition and ancient lore of being used as an aphrodisiac. In the Bible it was used alongside myrrh and aloe to “perfume beds” for lovers and the Queen of Sheba used cinnamon to seduce King Solomon. In more recent times, cinnamon has been proven by neurologists and scientists as having an arousing effect on men.

If you want to join Queen Sheba and seduce your very own King Solomon – come and try our Cinnamon Sweet Potato tagine – a delicious vegetarian dish bursting with flavour. Order this aromatic dish on the side of your main to add a little love to your evening.

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Cardamom is originally an indigenous South Indian and Sri Lankan aromatic spice belonging to the ginger family – yet it makes appearances in many cultures history all around the world. Mystics would use cardamom to cast love spells, the Ancient Greeks recognised its uses as an aphrodisiac by concocting love potions, and even in the animal kingdom – males of several species are titillated simply by the scent. While we can’t sell you a guaranteed love potion – we do have our own way of getting spicy.

Our exquisite lamb tagine is an explosive cardibomb of romantic fragrances. Bite into an aromatic succulent lamb as a main dish with our modern take on this traditional Moroccan recipe and indulge in a jungle of arousing and aromatic aphrodisiacs.

Well, maybe we do sell love potions after all…


Ginger is a historically renowned aphrodisiac. It is so potent that it is still used in India as a cure for impotency. Its invigorating scent, sharp flavour and medicinal qualities make it the perfect candidate for romantic evening’s dinner.

If you want to indulge in the Aphrodite of aphrodisiacs, then head down to Zayane and enjoy a King Prawn Briwat. Bite into the crispy exterior to be met with succulent prawns seasoned in Moroccan spices and enjoy a balance of sweet and sour tastes in your mouth.

No one wants to miss Valentine’s Day. But don’t worry – it’s fine. You have all year to make it up. Jump on the District Line to Notting Hill and take a wander around this historical part of London before entering Zayane for an aromatic feast. Just by opening the door you will experience the aromatic spices bursting from our kitchen.

Just by walking through the door we hope to have seduced you. We leave the rest to you.

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