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Your Perfect Private Party

The answer to the questions ‘what is the perfect private party?’ is a bit like the one elicited by asking ‘what is the best dish in Moroccan cuisine?’ – a highly subjective and personal one.

This doesn’t necessarily make life easier for the professional party planner! But easy is boring and lets one’s imagination and creativity stagnate, which would be unacceptable for Joe and me. The lack of clear-cut rules and regulations in delivering the perfect private party time and time again gives scope to making each one completely and totally unique. When we have a new private party client, we ask for their vision for their dream event. We embrace this little ‘seed’ the client gives us and we then wrap it in Zayane’s party planning expertise to let it flourish into the spectacular and memorable event that is desired.


If you are reading this blog you are probably interested in having a private party of some sort. You likely have an idea in your head of what it is you’re looking for – as such,

I’d like to personally walk you through what a Zayane event might look like.


When your guests arrive they will enter a spacious room with dimmed lights and candles that will subtlety illuminate our Moroccan décor that flows into our modern-designed bar, tables and smartly adorned servers passing out elegant flutes of Champagne and mouthwatering canapés. As you and your party chit-chat and sip and savour the delightful drink and nibbles, chilled-out vibes courtesy of the traditional Moroccan music will emanate from the rabab(fiddle),oud (lute)and qanun (zither) through our sound system. Then – out of no where – our beautiful and highly skilled belly dancer will emerge for a taste scintillating Moroccan entertainment, a feature that comes complimentary for Zayane private parties.

Zayane Moroccan Food Catering and Events

After the excitement of the belly dancing, it is time to take our seats for the sumptuous Moroccan feast.

Just after your glass is filled with the tipple of your choice, we will put in front of you and your guests a delicious spread of Moroccan starters, including merguez saucissons, pan-seared squid, blow-torched Cornish Mackerel as well as vegetarian options like our deep-fried aubergines and spicy truffle cauliflower croquettes.

To kick the party up a notch we will follow this with a selection of our famous briwats (include link to briwat blog).


It is now time for the main course. Guest can choose from our set menu, a la carte or a bespoke menu that we design with the client. Options might include our chicken tagine (include link to relevant blog), pan-seared halibut or for vegans and vegetarians our chickpea fritters or artichoke tagine with preserved lemons. After a satisfying dessert – maybe our rosewater cheesecake or trio of sweet briwats – and another glass of wine or some Moroccan mint tea, let the evening devolve into conversation and a spot of dancing!


This is a snapshot of a recent private party we hosted and catered at Zayane.

It was a most special event filled with good food, wine and fun. If you are at all interested in having your own private party, please speak to me – Meryem – directly and I can turn your idea into the stunning party of a lifetime!


For Private Party inquiries please ring Meryem at 020 8960 1137 or email her at








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