Moroccan Summer Dining – 2 Courses with a Glass of Wine Only £18

Gourmet Moroccan Summer Dining – 2 Courses with a Glass of Wine Only £18

I love London, but that doesn’t mean I don’t frequently miss Morocco. An image that has fluttered in my mind during this rather hot summer we’ve been enjoying (or, as the case may be, enduring!) is the last time I visited my homeland. I was sitting in our family garden, relishing the summer heat from the refuge of a shady patch caused by a parasol and network of palm trees. The shade cooled my body; a glass of Sauvignon Blanc refreshed my palate. As I sat there, a medley of delectable fragrances wafted off my son, and Zayane’s co-Head Chef, Joe’s barbecue, which eventually meandered near me where I could fully embrace their aroma.

Suffice it to say, I was fully in the midst of a Moroccan barbecue-induced trance, from which I was awoken when Joe cheerfully announced the food was ready. He made delicious sea bream, spicy sharmoula chicken, melt-in-your-mouth lamb kofta and delectable halloumi skewers. Of course, it was served with a tasty and light Moroccan couscous salad: couscous tossed with concasse tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, fresh mint, feta cheese and with an amazing lemon dressing. Delish!


When I think about this barbecue – and the many, many other ones enjoyed back in Moroccan and in our garden in London – I am faced with the truth of Moroccan cuisine: our food is much, much more than tagine! I personally cannot imagine a more appealing summer dining experience beyond a sumptuous Moroccan barbecue and a selection of salads all washed down with an ice-cold beer or chilled glass of wine.

Moroccan Summer Dining – 2 Courses with a Glass of Wine Only £18

We want our customers to experience this more estival side of Moroccan cuisine, which is the inspiration for our Moroccan Summer Dining Promotion – 2 Courses with a Glass of Wine Only £18!


At Zayane, Joe and I are always coming up with new ways to shed light on the brilliance of Moroccan cuisine.

Not that one ever could get bored of our flavours, but we do our best to constantly push the boundaries and give our customers something even tastier and more authentic. We invite you to come join us for this fabulous and scrumptious offer between now and the end of August. Available for lunch and dinner and we recommend booking in advance!

Moroccan Summer Dining – 2 Courses with a Glass of Wine Only £18

Hope to see you very, very soon!


Meryem and Joe


Summer Dining Set Menu

2 Courses with a Glass of Wine, Beer or Soft Drink for Only £18



(Served with our freshly made Moroccan couscous salad)

Sharmoula Chicken

Kofta Lamb

Halloumi Skewers



Caramel Cheesecake





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