Zayane Will Sprinkle Moroccan Magic On Your Next Party or Event

As you are reading this blog, I think it is safe to assume that you are looking to invigorate your next party or event with the exotic, delicate and delectable flavours of Moroccan cuisine. Indeed, if it isn’t Moroccan specifically for which you are looking, you at least are considering deviating off the well trodden path of a Western party food and leaping into the unknown of ‘World Cuisine’. Well, let’s get a few things straight – despite Moroccan cuisine not being as well known in Britain as fish and chips, it is widely considered among the best culinary traditions in the world. Secondly,

Zayane is the only British Moroccan restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide, which would suggest that we are at – or near – the top of restaurants representing Morocco in the UK.

What I’m trying to say is if even a small part of you is thinking of going Moroccan for your next party, you should grab the opportunity with both hands as you would be dazzling your guests with one of the world’s truly great cuisines, cooked by the most expert and knowing hands Britain has to offer.

Zayane wants to bring our exquisite menu directly to you, to your next dinner party, hen night or office party. We handle even the largest events with grace and style, including weddings, Christmas parties, formal functions and corporate conferences.

We do it all, and it is my co-Executive Head Chef, and son, Joe and I who will be cooking and leading the highly skilled troupe of chefs in the kitchen.


Joe and I offer our party and events clients the same award-winning food we serve at Zayane. Clients can fashion a menu from the scrumptious dishes on our à la carte menu, or we can tailor a bespoke menu to perfectly suit their taste and/or dietary requirements.

Zayane’s flavours are authentically Moroccan but our style and presentation are what one would expect from an award-winning London restaurant.

Examples of our mouth-watering dishes include our innovative take on a Moroccan classic – briwats. We pack these yummy pastry parcels filled with camembert, kale and spinach, chicken, prawns, roast cauliflower or truffle cheddar cheese. Incidentally, we also make dessert briwats! Clients who want the traditional Moroccan experience should select our party dish par excellence, chicken bastilla, but we also offer a wide and compelling range of grilled seafood, braised lamb and chicken and moreish vegetarian and vegan dishes, all bursting with Moroccan flavour.


For clients who want to leave all the party planning to us, we can arrange for all your drinks requirements – we can even provide a highly-skilled mixologist who can create for your guests either Zayane’s signature cocktails and mocktailsor a bespoke drinks selection.

Clients who would like the Moroccan aura to extend beyond the food will be happy to know that we can provide for a scintillating belly dancer and live Moroccan music.


Now the question is do you want to sprinkle some Moroccan magic on your next party or event? Do you want to serve the food that will stop your guests mid-conversation so they can pause to reflect on just how delicious the flavours really are? If so, let Joe and I bring the brilliance of Zayane directly to you at your next party or event. We recognise that private party planning and event catering is a big job and that clients will want to discuss a wide range of items before making a decision. With this in mind, I am personally at liberty to discuss your dream event or party so I can understand exactly what you desire and share just how Zayane can shape it into reality.


To make an inquiry, please give us a call at 0208 960 1137 (asking for me, Meryem) or email us at


Speak to you very, very soon!


Meryem and Joe



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