A Splash of Morocco in Notting Hill Carnival 2018


There are many perks to having a restaurant right in the middle of Notting Hill– we are surrounded charming architecture, inundated by London’s best antique and vintage fashion shops and there is a compelling bohemian air that one can almost grasp… And then – each August – there’s like the most amazing party ever right on our doorstep. Not just any party… No, no, no.

The largest free street party in Europe.

I’m talking, of course, about the Notting Hill Carnival that will take place from Friday the 24th through to Bank Holiday Monday the 27th (I heard we’re expecting over 2 million people!).


This year Zayane won’t just be partying – we’ll also be cooking something hot and tasty, namely our ridiculously delicious Notting Hill Carnival sandwiches!


We’re making three scrumptious options, all served in our homemade and freshly baked Moroccan bread. The first is my son and co-Executive Head Chef Joe’s favourite – the Pulled Lamb. This delectable party bite has quite a journey from our kitchen to your belly. We begin by marinating lamb shoulder overnight in salt, cumin oil and garlic. We then cook it in a tagine on low heat for 5 hours and once it is falling off the bone, it’s party time and we serve it with our homemade harissa sauce and crème fraîche. This is a very popular dish in Morocco called meshwi and now you get to try it with some calypso and a Red Stripe!


At Carnival this year when I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll see me moving to the samba beat with our second carnival sandwich – and my favourite: merguez sausage with smoky harissa. But we haven’t forgotten about our vegetarian friends! For them we’ve prepared a Moroccan-inspired sandwich with zaalouk (smoked aubergine purée) and halloumi. For those after something even lighter, Joe and I will be preparing a Moroccan summer favourite – pasta salad!


So how do your wrap your palate around Zayane’s delectable Notting Hill Carnival sandwiches? They will be made fresh to order inside our restaurant where we’ll be selling drinks, too. If you ask me, a cold beer and a Moroccan sandwich will be a big slice of Berber heaven! This is the first time our range of sandwiches is making an appearance at Zayane and once Carnival is over, that’s it (until next year at least!). So join us or risk the despair of having missed out!


Notting Hill Carnival 2018If you’re passing Zayane and you are craving some Moroccan flavour, join Joe and me for special, delicious and extremely portable sandwich!